Monday, June 16, 2014

Received Monday, June 16, 2014 LAST EMAIL FROM HIS MISSION

Elder Tait making you any special food this week?
nope. though we have been feed a lot

what are you doing for p-day?
we tried to think of something everyone could do that wouldn't be too sporty for the non-sports people but wouldn't be boring and we decided to try kickball! there is a open baseball field we're meeting at at we're going to by one of those rubber playground balls. It should be fun.

is the baptism still set for the 21st?
things are looking good. His (husband's) family is coming down Friday, her mom is coming Saturday to watch. Last time over there we mostly just read the BoM together which was fun, they are really enjoyable to have gospel discussions with. Our ward mission leader is just finalizing writing out the program. They're trying to figure out is she's allowed to get confirmed right after the baptism so the the family that's in town be be there for that too (normally for converts you wait until the next Sunday).

Does Elder Tait know who his next companion will be? Do either of you know him?
yes, Elder Tait served near him in his last area. The name may sound familiar to you (especially Dad) It is Elder Calvert! (BYU basketball player)

How was your Sunday?
It was really good. Lots of people said nice things. I got to give my short talk. 2 investigators came for the first time. Like the whole week, it all feels very mixed. Exciting but a little anxious.

How are your points for your World cup of Personal Contacting?
 they are not high enough! we are not on pace to reach 5000, so we'll have to pick up our game. The zone is doing really well over-all though.

I don't feel like I have a whole ton to write about. We have a full couple days leading to Wednesday when I go into the mission home. I started packing today (you're supposed to pack on Pday). This week was very good, especially sunday where a lot of "our people" came to church. We had 5 investigators there, which could be the most I've had in one week on my mission. Besides the Sarah on saturday there's at least 2 people here I'm totally confident will get baptized into Lynnfield and there's a couple other friends/families of members that could start investigating really soon and quickly progress. Things have been awsome here.  I've been saying a lot of closing prayers in our meetings My talk yesterday was on what it means to be a true friend, and since it was father's day I used a story about something that Dad said while on one of our High Sierra backpacking trips.
I'm glad you put on my facebook inviting everyone to my talk this Sunday. I've thought a lot about "Hasten the Work", it's a fun topic for me. Think if there's any particular questions you think it would be neat to get a missionaries perspective on, or things that haven't been said a gazillion times (I guess as a missionary I probably hear them more often than others anyway).
I think my favorite piece of advice I got in  eh past week was from our YM president here who is great, he said: "stay weird",which relates to a funny conversation about missionary life we had at his house the week before.
One neat success story of the week: we got a media referral (texted to our phone) that was because someone (we don't know who) gave a pass along card to someone in an ice-cream shop in Salem and he called the number and wants a BoM and talk to missionaries! we set up an appointment for Wednesday early afternoon; it might be my last investigator lesson.

So wednesday night we (the going home group) go into the mission home, thursday we stay there and go to the temple and talk with President, and friday is the plane ride.

That's all I have to email update for now. I have some questions i'll email to Quinn or add to your email for next week (What is teh Elder/Sister Coordination like in the same area? sounds like they might just cut it in half which is interesting. Do they do a lot to avoid Elder/Sister problems together? President has mentioned different missions have a lot of different ideas about that. What are his district meetings like?) over-all it's very fun to hear about another brother on a mission.

Love you

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